APPG Taxation reforms for the 2017 Parliament

Following the AGM on the 12 July 2017, the Group has now been reformed and we look forward to continuing to make the case for effective taxation reform in the new Parliament. The agreed 2017 / 18 activity programme includes: 

1) APPGT to send a letter to HMT on suggestions for VAT reform (and Brexit). Please let me have all comments and suggested options for reform by Friday 25th August. The letter will be submitted to HMT after the Summer Recess during the September session.  

2) Tax Simplification - OTS to present to the APPG in the autumn term.

3) A taxation technology roundtable / demo event will be held in Q4 2017.

4) Finance Bill - the APPGT will examine ways to improve the policy making process and ensure that MPs on the Finance Bill Committee are better prepared / briefed. 

5) Taylor Review of the Gig economy: a presentation will be arranged in the autumn term. 

6) MTD - the APPGT will continue to examine HMT digital taxation proposals. 

7) Social care - the APPGT will examine the taxation of social care and where possible will work with other relevant APPGs to develop a cross-party committee / consensus on social care.